A message from the photographer we used for banners and pictures:

Fothergill Photo
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Dear Parents:

We are so sorry for the confusion that has surrounded the sports pictures for Chester High School and Junior High this Fall. Four days after we delivered the order forms for the first round of photos on August 6th, the lab we have used for 33 years closed forever, due to Covid. As a result, the second round of photos was handled in an entirely different manner.

Many of you missed the opportunity to order prints the first time around. In order to remedy that, I will need to upload those photos to our new lab. I will not be able to get that done until early next week. When that happens, I will send out a link so you can make orders.

Some of the high school students wanted to order banners on the second round and missed out on that opportunity. We do those in our offices. I will place an order link on our website for you to be able to get that done.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Cathy Fothergill